“We’re Not On Drugs” – Developer Challenges Our Claims

rasta-FINAL Back in August, we ran a story about Raoul The Dancing Pancake … an iPhone app, which oddly enough, features a dancing pancake. In addition to dance, this freaking pancake sings and has wild mood swings … piss the pancake off and it whistles. We claimed that this uber-bizarro app surely had to be the result of “Developer On Drugs” syndrome.

Well a few weeks after we published the moody dancing pancake article, “Harry Works” left the following comment:

Hello I am the creator of the app raoul the dancing pancake. I would like to point out that none of this is true! We had nothing to do with stanford, we were not hi, and children love our app!

Hmmm … none of this is true? Harry The Developer is not on drugs? Ok … fair enough. We were going to take Harry’s word for it, but then he came out with his next offering … another dancing app. This one even more bizarre than the first … Carl The Dancing Peanut.


Now this time, instead of just describing in words this happy angry whistling like a teapot dancing peanut … we shot a demo video. Hopefully a visual representation of Carl The Dancing Peanut will clear the “bong air”, so to speak. [editor’s note – our apologies for the loud hyena-like outburst in the beginning of the clip … quality hired help is tough to find.)


Ok Harry The Developer, put down the bong pipe and listen up. First of all, that is a dancing Martian. Last time we checked, peanuts do not have green antennas … Martians do. We know this for a fact, we have lots of Martian friends. Second, peanuts do not have a penis … Martians do. So when you flick a peanut in the nuts <see what we did there>, nothing happens … however flicking a Martian in the balls inflicts severe pain as noted in our Dancing Peanut video. And finally, the peanut is a species in the legume family … meaning it’s an inanimate object. Inanimate objects, like peanuts, do not have emotions or names like Carl. Martians have emotions … again, we know this because one of our Martian friends is Carl The Martian and he’s a moody son of a bitch.

Anyways, whatever. We’re tired of talking about Carl and speculating if some magic dragon was involved in the creation of this so-called peanut Martian. We’re off to Honalee to hang with our good friend Jackie Paper. CYA!


  • Ha… Red rag to a bull. I like…

  • honestly …. I like it …i think hes funny I just want to squish him too :/ I must be an awful person

  • No, no, no … You are not an awful person … You are just a person
    you likes to squish peanut Martians. And we're ok with that … We
    say, be proud of what you are – A Peanut Martian Squisher!

    (plus you're high! LOL 😉 )

  • harryslotwiner

    Hi, this is the developer Harry again. Well you'll be happy to know that our next app is not a dancing food it is a real video game called Probe Destroyer to preview pictures you can go to http://www.blog.harryworks.com

  • Thank you again for the visit and letting us know about your upcomingiPhone
    game … that is fantastic! Wishing you the best with the Apple approval
    process as sometimes that get's “tricky” … and please, keep us posted on
    Probe Destroyer, we'd love to check it out!

  • Harry Slotwiner

    Just thought i'd let you know that i have submitted Probe Destroyer and its counter part Probe Destroyer Lite, Probe Destroyer Lite has been rejected once for mention features available in the full version, but we resubmitted it and everything is going smoothly so far and it should be out this friday.

  • Hey that is fantastic and glad to hear things are going smoothly … Probe
    Destroyer – we'll be keeping an eye out for it. Good luck you!

  • harryslotwiner

    Thanks, it all went well. I thought i'd tell you that we made an app called Non- Applicable and its basically a dude with ice cream on his head that walks around; It got rejected for being to stupid! we all got a good laugh from that, what apple really said was

    “We've reviewed your application Non-Applicable and we have determined that this application contains minimal user functionality and will not be appropriate for the app store”
    basically its to stupid.

  • LOL …. well if they think your app was “too stupid”, then they have a lot
    of explaining to do … stuff like Hold The Button or Million Tap Challenge
    isn't “too stupid”??? 😉

  • LOL …. well if they think your app was “too stupid”, then they have a lot
    of explaining to do … stuff like Hold The Button or Million Tap Challenge
    isn't “too stupid”??? 😉