Sexy Senior Citizens – This App Is Just Too Weird

sexy-grandmas-FINAL2 Have you ever been walking down the street and see a little old lady trying to cross the road? But instead of helping her avoid getting smacked by the on-rushing traffic, you think to yourself … “Damn, that little old lady is smokin’ hot. Wonder what she looked like 60 years ago.”

Or how about 4:00pm at a Souplantation Buffet … you’re standing in line and spot a wheelchair-bound frail old man attempting to top off his salad with canned beets. But instead of helping the poor guy complete his meal, you think to yourself … “Wow! Grandpa is sexy fine. Just look at his pasty white skin, yummy. I wonder what he looked like when he could actually walk.”

Hey look, who are we to judge … but if you do get curiously aroused by the elderly … there’s not only an app for that, but two. To satisfy all your fossil fetish needs, look no further than the appropriately named Sexy Grandma and Sexy Grandpa iPhone apps.



And how perfect, you’ll be able to proudly display the 100% Sexy Geriatrics icons. Don’t worry, nobody will think it’s strange. Heck, be loud and proud – flaunt that app. Launch Sexy Grandma, scratch off the “old” version of granny and show your friends just how amazingly fly she looks at either age 92 or 24.


SG1  SG2

And don’t forget gramps … dude is bangin good at age 87, as well as 22.

SG3  SG4

SG5  SG6

Look, we get the whole “Salute The Elderly” attempt … but come on … there’s just something creepy and weird about scratching off a poor old senior citizen’s face and revealing a sexy hot bikini chick or drop-dead gorgeous hunk. And memo to the developers … was it necessary to include a picture of what appears to be someone’s lovely great-grandma pictured in a nursing home. Yeah, the oxygen tank or fluid dispenser (or whatever the hell that is) just reeks of tackiness. Surprised we didn’t come across Mother Theresa … heard she’s Heavenly. <sorry>