iDrinkCoaster – Because Everyone Should Have A $300 Drink Coaster

party-kangaroo Australia. A bit peculiar, a bit nuts … they just seem so, uh … backwards. Seriously, think about it. When it’s really summer, Australia is freezing cold in the middle of winter. When it’s actually Sunday, the Aussies are back to work on a dreaded Monday. And what about Australian Rules Football … looks nothing like normal football – the National Football League or the English Premier League for that matter. And last we heard (via Twitter – so you know this info is accurate), while most of the world is living in 2009 … it’s 2010 in Australia – WTH?

But even with their quirks … we love Australia. The wine (especially Mollydooker Shiraz) is da bomb (a fruit-bomb, but still all good), beautiful beaches, cool accents, Thunder From Down Under and like us, they love a good beer drinking session. So knowing this mentality, it comes as no surprise that a group of fun-loving Aussies geeks coded the world’s first iPhone drink coaster … iDrinkCoaster [iTunes].



Mock all you want, but it kinda makes sense. How often were you out drinking at a friend’s house, at a ballgame, during surgery or whatever and no drink coaster was available? Rather than being uncivilized and placing your drink down sans coaster, launch iDrinkCoaster and you’ll be the idiot … errr … envy of your social gathering.

Oh and did we mention it talks! Hells yeah … these crazy Aussies made a talking drink coaster. So even if you hit a bar, club or local dive bar with your iDrinkCoaster app, you’ll be the most awesome person in the joint with your freaking talking iPhone drink coaster. And when we say talking … it’s best vocal feature are the crazy dingo-like insults iDrinkCoaster hurls at you if you’re drinking too slow – “Hey, less thinkin, more drinkin” … “Oy buddy, cop a drink” … “Strewth, I’ve seen koalas drink faster than you”.

To view just how incredible (or damaged) your iPhone can become with the help of iDrinkCoaster, check out the demo video below.