Feet – App Store’s Latest Fetish Finally Arrives

foot-fetish-science-project Well it took long enough! Approximately 15 months after the App Store opened its doors for Apple approved application purchases … foot fetish apps are finally available for download. We’re not exactly sure why it took so long or the reason Apple chose not to publicly announce the availability of foot fetish apps (under the worldwide spotlight of last week’s F4Q09 earnings call would have been the perfect opportunity), but whatever … we got your back and are shouting it from the mountain tops – “Now Playing In The App Store, FOOT FETISH Apps!”

toilet-chick-FINAL While not as mainstream as the fetish involving ogling hot chicks plunging their toilets (yes, there really is such a thing … http://HotChicksPlungingTheirToilets.com … the Internet never ceases to amaze us), foot fetishes are growing (no pun intended) in popularity. As a matter of fact, per Wikipedia, foot fetishism (a pronounced sexual interest in feet) is the most common form of sexual preference for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts.

So fetish away with the first two foot fetish apps available to consumers … Sexy Feet and Sexy Feet. Huh? Uh no, that’s not a typo … Apple approved two different apps with the same name (sure there is an Apple policy against this, but policy-shmolicy).



And just in case there was any confusion to the “purpose” of this application, the Sexy Feet app (no, the other one) contains the publicly visible explicit key word “FootJob” to attract even the most hardcore XXX foot fetishers (is that a word?). We can just hear 6-year-old little Suzi now, “gee mommy, what’s a footjob?” … STRONG!



  • frankyiscool

    it's about time?

  • heavy dose of sarcasm on our part 🙂

  • Very interesting!

  • Very interesting!

  • Patricia De La Mora

    foot fetish pics app on the google play market now too. finally. check out the red and yellow icon, great pics.