Prostitute Hunting With The iPhone – Craigs Ads Adult

Craigslist-Addict We love Craigslist. Granted, it’s one helluv a fugly site, but this eyesore provides so much value and information that it’s worth the pain. Much more than a virtual garage sale, Craigslist viewers can find everything from housing to employment to rideshare opportunities … heck, you can even participate in a political or queer discussion forums.

And it’s not just online classified ads … Craigslist can be an awesome source of entertainment. Think about this … per Wired, Craigslist receives more traffic than either eBay or All that traffic translates to plenty of freaks. All those freaks mean there’s some really weird shit being posted to Craigslist. Depending on your taste … weird shit can be very amusing. And instead of shunning these freaks, Craigslist applauds them by creating the Best-Of-Craigslist section. With listings such as … In A Well, Need LadderI Puked In Your PurseSatanic Sexual RitualFree One Night Stand … Craigslist is a virtual Hall Of Fame for society’s misfits. Heck, there’s even (literally) some clown who will perform at funerals, surgeries, drug interventions and more. Dude calls himself Autopsy The Clown and reading his Craigslist “Clown For Hire” listing, this is one sick mofo. 


But arguably, Craigslist’s best feature is the prostitute hunter … errr … personal listings. There you can find every flavor of adult activity … straight, gay, lesbian, emo, swingers, interracial, sadomasochism, one night stands, friends with benefits and plenty more. Just name any adult activity and chances are you’ll find it on Craigslist.

But since Craigslist is so fugly, it’s a royal pain in the ass (at least for us) to find that perfect prostitute … errr … adult companion. And that’s when the iPhone becomes your sinister friend … Craigs Ads Adult.


Craigs Ads Adult 1   Craigs Ads Adult 2

Ah yes, being a prostitute hunter …. errr … hopeless romantic has never been easier and more convenient than with the iPhone.

And listen, don’t blame us for using the term “prostitute hunter” … wasn’t our idea, rather real live Craigs Ads Adult user Jpseba coined the infamous term. “Adult” really does sound so sleazy … ewww!