New Booty Shaker Even More Offensive! Will The Wall Street Journal Notice?

A few months ago, we ran an article detailing the “Most Offensive App Ever”. This application was so distasteful that immediately upon release, the developer started receiving hate mail. Even The Wall Street Journal published an article publicly outing this vicious and disgusting app. What app? Nope … not Baby Shaker (although it does involve shaking) … rather Shake That Booty.



Pure filth! A cartoon butt that gyrates … sickening … makes us want to vomit!

Despite public outcry, apparently an illustrated wiggling ass was just too tame for Apple. So in efforts to raise the offensive bar even higher … Shake The Booty has been approved.



Think of Shake The Booty as Shake That Booty on steroids. You got a choice of 6 butts … these are real live butts … each butt comes with an owner … if selected, each owner introduces her butt before she shakes it. But Words Shmurds! Let’s watch a brief video of Shake The Booty, with an clear word of caution – the video below is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE!


Yowza! Uh, this time we actually did vomit! Hello Courtney, Tiger and Dakota … you all are very bad bad girls! Da horror!

However in the meantime, if you are into this repulsive smut, you can visit Shake The Booty’s web site where you’ll find individual wallpapers of each butt owner, as well as a group butt owner shot. But hurry … who knows what will happen once The Wall Street Journal gets a hold of this one.



  • Gianpy

    awesome app! I'd love to see booties lol

  • Shake It

  • Gianpy

    Shake it

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    booty! @the_real_ap

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    booty @the_real_ap

  • AP

    booty @the_real_ap