Virtual Girlfriend App Sleeps With You – Literally!

Akon-Lonely-FINAL Today we’re discussing a sad subject … loneliness. For most people, being alone sucks. Heck just listen to Akon cry us a freaking river in his worldwide hit single “Lonely” off his debut album Trouble

“Lonely, I’m so lonely – I have nobody to call my own … I woke up in the middle of the night – And noticed my girl wasn’t by my side … Lonely so lonely – I’m Mr. Lonely … I have nobody – So lonely, Mr. Lonely”

Ok people, we get it … many of you are LONLEY. Boo-F*CKING-Hoo! Make a choice … continue to wallow in your sorrows by listening to Country music (perfect as every song is about being drunk, depressed and lonely) … or suck it up and get an iPhone. Yup, with the revolutionary iPhone, Akron and all you other Mister Lonely’s, will never have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night and not finding your girl by your side. App Store brilliance continues with … Mega Girlfriend Sleep With Me.


See that – if you’re feeling lonely … or would like to be with someone at bedtime … or having trouble falling asleep by yourself … Mega Girlfriend can help! Just prop up a pillow next to you, launch the Mega Girlfriend app and place her by your side. And as the app describes … you can then watch this creepy beautiful girl breathing gently in her sleep – very calm and peaceful.



And if you think about it … Mega Girlfriend totally makes sense. You don’t have to worry about her snoring … or kicking you in the middle of the night … or hogging the blanket. She is the ultimate in sleeping companions. Of course you should be careful not to roll over, you might kill her. But isn’t that small risk worth the mega rewards … as Mega Girlfriend guarantees “you will not feel alone anymore” and ”you will fall asleep with a smile on your face.” Hells yeah it’s worth it … and who knows what she’ll do as the developers continue to update the app. Mega Girlfriend = Mega Awesome … we are in love!