Official Three Wolf Moon App Brings Its Awesome Powers To The iPhone

Never mind December 25, Christmas has arrived early! Specifically, December 17, as Santa delivered the official Three Wolf Moon iPhone app. Known as the Three Wolf Moon HowlTone Generator [iTunes], this is the be all and end all of iPhone applications. We’re talking some serious shit here! This is not an app you just download to your iPhone … NO … you place it in your soul! We almost spilled our gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk when we heard the awesome news and admittedly … we peed our pants in excitement.



No clue what we’re talking about? No wonder your life sucks. But that’s ok, we’re here to help and share with you the Three Wolf Moon phenomenon. Simply put … Three Wolf Moon is the best t-shirt ever. Actually, it’s not really a t-shirt, but a lifestyle. Wear Three Wolf Moon and you’ll possess great powers … women will find you irresistible, other men will fear you and you’ll enjoy magical healing powers. No joke … shun the non-believer. The Three Wolf Moon t-shirt is the top selling apparel item in … has been covered by ABC, BBC, NYT and other popular acronyms … worn by Steve Jobs … and appeared in NBC’s hit show, The Office – check out this awesome clip:


So for a mere $1.99, in addition to the life-changing powers and the totally cool Three Wolf Moon icon …. you’ll be able to generate your very own custom HowlTone ringtone by simply typing your name or any word into the generator. Or if you want to be like Dwight from The Office, you can record your own howl.


3WM-KRAPPS   Three-Wolf-Moon-3

And staying consistent with the Three Wolf Moon mystique, these are not just any old wolf howls … these are authentic wolf howls from EverythingWolf, And these wolves have name … Wa-Ta-Chee, Ohoyo and Waya. How freaking insane is that!

ThreeWolfTShirtSteveJobsFINAL We spoke with Michael McGloin, Creative/Licensing Director of The Mountain, the company that produces the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, regarding what inspired him to launch the accompanying app, ““I love my iPhone just as much as my Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, which my wife won’t let me wear in public for the obvious reasons. By having the HowlTone Generator on my iPhone, I can enjoy the Three Wolf Moon powers in my pocket, where that type of power belongs (if your married),” explained Mr. McGloin. “Plus we value our customers. And ever since the first Amazon review indicated ‘wolves would have been better if they glowed in the dark’, we wanted to deliver a 3WM Glow Shirt,” said Mr. McGloin.

Whoa … hold on … did Michael just say “glow-in-the-dark”?!? Shit, we just peed ourselves again. The new 3WM Glow Shirt will only be available for purchase from within the app and as an early adopter award, you’ll receive a 25% discount if you order by Feb. 28, 2010.

3WM-Glow-Shirt-11  IMG_0325

WOW! Howling custom ringtones – wolves named Wa-ta-chee, Ohoyo and Waya – a limited glow shirt – 25% discount. We are now completely soiled and can’t take it any more. At $1.99 [iTunes], just get the app … we’re going to go shower and change our pants.


  • 25% only thru this app? wow what a bargain. by the way i have a Theme with wolfs that looks better then this app. LMAO

  • drsb85

    HA HA HA !!!! LMAO !!!
    I cant decide NFS SHIFT or three wolf moon (TM) !!!

  • ah young grasshoppa … but this app has magical powers, something no other
    apps, themes, wallpapers, etc. can claim … this app will allow you to
    bring the dead back to life, take you on a personal vision quest …. plus
    send supermodels right to your doorstep.

    for more info … we highly recommend you check out The Office clip in the
    post, as well as this AWESOME video –>

  • meh … Need For Speed SHIFT CANNOT raise people from the dead …
    considering this fact, we think the choice is obvious. Plus if you choose
    SHIFT, you'll make Wa-Ta-Chee, Ohoyo and Waya all very sad … why would you
    want to make these lovely wolves sad???

  • WoW i want this app Now, that video and app has magical powers.

  • oh yes … you really NEED this all … we all do!

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  • susanbdot

    OK, my life DOES suck …but I don't WANT women to find me irresistible. That would just be annoying.

    Me being a heterosexual female, that is.

  • hmmm … little know fact, but within the fine print … there is a method
    to enable the app to bring MALE supermodels to come clamoring at your
    doorstep … plus you still get the other benefits of 3WM – healing
    powers, vision quest, etc.

  • hmmm … little know fact, but within the fine print … there is a method
    to enable the app to bring MALE supermodels to come clamoring at your
    doorstep … plus you still get the other benefits of 3WM – healing
    powers, vision quest, etc.