“I See Naked People” With The Nude It App

Remember when you were a kid, flipping through comic books and seeing those X-Ray Specs ads? <oh shut up young grasshopper> At one dollar and with promises of seeing under clothes and through flesh, X-Ray Specs were an intriguing proposition for young and old alike (come on, who doesn’t want to see naked people – they’re NAKED for Pete’s sake).


Although a novelty item, these glasses which create “an hilarious optical illusion” (no grammar police back then) have become a timeless icon of American pop culture.

Now flash forward to 2010 (actually to yesterday, January 5) … shove those X-Rays Specs into your iPhone, sprinkle in a bit of augmented reality technology and what do you get … the Nude It app.


Nude-It-Female-1  Nude-It-Male-1

Launch the app, point it at an unsuspecting hottie … Nude It will then scan the subject and reveal their nakedness. Well sort of … this is Apple after all (strict no nudes policy) and just like X-Ray Specs, this is a novelty app. So before you get your panties in a bundle … get a clue Ymrl3630 … look at the freaking screenshots. You really expected to see people buck naked? Yeah no shit Mister Obvious, it’s is a NOVELTY app … and not even perfect (da horror), but for 99 cents, Nude It is a pretty solid iPhone augmented reduced reality gag app.


As a parting note, we spoke with Antoine Morcos, co-founder of Presselite, the company which produced Nude It, who said, “Of course our inspiration came from the amazing Nude It video produced by Michael Krivicka at WhoIsThatBaldGuy.com. Their video got our creative techie juices flowing and we attempted to emulate the technology shown in the video. We hope people will like the result.”

Agreed, we received the fake Nude It press release, watched the accompanying demo video and laughed our asses off … truly awesome stuff, see below.



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