Tiger Woods iPhone Linked To His Domestic Disturbance Incident

Tiger-Woods-Face So have you been keeping up with the Tigers Woods sex scandal? Supposedly Tiger’s face is totally thrashed (missing teeth and shit) and thus he’s been laying low. Former NHL coach Pat Burns appeared on a Montreal radio station and claimed that the infamous Thanksgiving incident between Tiger and Elin was a result of Elin discovering text message exchanges with Rachel Uchitel.

“Tiger’s wife asked what it was, these messages and who was this woman,” said Burns. “He kept saying there was nothing there. He went to watch television. … then suddenly, bang! A nine-iron in the face! He left the house running without shoes. Elin followed him with the club. He left in his Escalade. She followed him and broke two or three windows.”

Damn, you go girl … crazy Viking bitch! But what Burns didn’t know is how Elin originally discovered Tiger’s communication with Rachel Uchitel. Well, we know … and we’ll share.

Little known fact – Tiger Woods uses an iPhone … he is an app addict. Guess Tiger just couldn’t help himself …



WTF … Apple approved the Call Mistress app? Manwhores everywhere rejoice!

Look, what you do with your driver is entirely up to you. But if you choose to play with it on courses other than your home, it’s probably not a good idea to download the Call Mistress app … nah, don’t think the wife would appreciate it much. BANG!