Get Live Streaming Mugshots On Your iPhone With Arrested Mobile Mugshots

Not sure if we should laugh or cry over this next one. But if for some reason you take pleasure in viewing “Live Streaming Mugshots – All Day & Night” … then we’ve got an app for you … Arrested! Mobile Mugshots [alternate name – Busted! Real Mugshots]



LMAO – “We collect mugshots from jails all over the USA … Real People! Real Arrests! Real Mugshots!” And since curiosity killed the cat … our death was inevitable. Check out these fine American citizens we found in Arrested! Mobile Mugshots … real class acts.

Meet Justine – she smokes pot. Marijuana does weird shit to your body, like turn your skin green … although it does compliment her lovely blue eyes.


Marie and Javier just got arrested … the happiest moment of their lives.

Arrested-2  Arrested-3

You probably can’t tell, but Dennis has a serious crack cocaine problem


Jesse and Gloria are real bad asses. He likes to beat up old people … she likes to abuse children. Yeah, bet their fellow inmates can’t wait to “befriend” them.

Arrested-5  Arrested-6

We’d hit that …. and that.

Arrested-7  Arrested-8

“No mommy, I don’t want to go to Grandpa Harold’s house next Monday to celebrate his 82nd birthday. I don’t care if he’s a Catholic priest … he just creeps me out.”



  • WTF! dude can i take my own mugshot and posted? that will be awesome.

    NOTE: not to be a Party pooper but theres an app called Offender Locator, which does the samething.

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  • steveballmer

    Thank goodness the ZunePhone is coning

  • I hope they NEVER get mine!

  • Truu21

    i am 13 years old and to be honest if meth is that strong it make me wanna try it.