Sex Notifier App Helps You Have Undisturbed Sex

iphone-saves-life The iPhone never ceases to amaze us … is there anything it can’t do (well, besides running Adobe Flash)? Just the other day we read this headline from NBC News … Earthquake Survivor Calls iPhone A Life Saver. Hear that? The iPhone saved some dude’s life! American film producer Dan Woolley was buried alive under a pile of rubble, after the massive earthquake that hit Haiti last week. Dan used the light from his iPhone to identify injuries to his leg and the Pocket First Aid & CPR app to treat head and leg wounds and managed shock. He survived being buried for 64 hours … freaking amazing!

sex-signal-doorknob And besides Pocket First Aid & CPR, there are many other life saving possibilities available in the App Store. Take for example this common crisis … after you take your hunny out for a romantic evening, the two of you head back to your pad for some sex, only to find out your  roommate is deeply involved in a game of Modern Warfare 2. Or perhaps you and your sweetie are getting crazy on the couch and your roommate comes barging in through the   front door. Talk about a mood killer …. argh!

Now back in the olden days, these awkward situations could be avoided by hanging a sock or tie on the doorknob … the universal “We’re Having Sex In Here – Do Not Disturb” signal. But now that the revolutionary iPhone exists, why bother with such archaic methods? As the app says … “Sex Notifier is here for you, solving one of life’s most pressing problems through technology.”


Has a life saver ever been so easy? Simply add appropriate contacts, enter sex notifier message and the estimated duration of your shagging session … then push send. You’ll be able to shag away in peace knowing everyone has been properly informed about your love making intentions.

sex-notifier-1  sex-notifier-2

LOL … indeed, technology at its finest. But what if you have no roommates and thus no problems? Well, as the app cleverly states … you can also “brag to your friends as it’s all going down.” Ah yes, of course … the tell while kissing technique. However for Sex Notifier to remain competitive with this sleaze, Twitter integration is imperative … the more, the merrier.


  • I like how their screenshot for the message starts with e.g. – kind of like when a cereal box has the “serving suggestion”

  • LOL …. didn't even realize this … classic stuff and thanks for pointing
    it out

  • Niceeeee! andit even has twitter integration? freaking sweet dudes. can their be 1 minute notifier, ooops i think i said to much.lmao

  • LOL … Minute Man … we love it!

  • hey hey hey it was a typo ok…….hahahahaha

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  • No_Tie

    They should add Facebook integration, so it can automatically change your relationship status! i.e. from “It's complicated” to “Consummating”!

  • LMAO … Indeed, there are a world of possibilites with social media!

  • Mac People have no need for such an app, they have sex alone ….