Knife Dancing – First App To Offer “Buy One Get One Free” Code

(free full version Knife Dancing app for all viewers – see end of article for details)

Jobs-Moses-Tablet So today is huge for geeks. In a few hours, Apple will be announcing their computer tablet, the iPad. Think of it as a giant iPhone on steroids … the iPad will have a 10-inch screen, run on the same operating system as the iPhone, priced at $800 and $1,000 and supposedly change the way we read books, magazines and newspapers (rivaling Amazon’s Kindle). Similar to the iPod and iPhone, Apple is hoping the iPad will be another revolutionary product – the ultimate armchair gadget. Even Steve Jobs states, “This will be the most important thing I’ve ever done.” Damn Steve … you go boy!

But while the spotlight is on Apple for another historic day in technology, we choose to salute the little guys … the 28,000 app developers. Without their ingenuity and creativity, the iPhone (and soon, the iPad) wouldn’t be shit.

knife-dancing-title One such “think outside the box” developer is Headlight Software. They managed to introduce an App Store “first” … no small task competing against 150,000 applications.

Headlight Software has a nifty straightforward app called Knife Dancing. It’s a FREE app … so what the hell, go download it now [iTunes]. Knife Dancing is a virtual knife game (safer that way) … follow the pattern and see how fast you can stab back and forth between fingers … careful not to hit flesh (sucks that way). The app starts off really easy … you hack away with a terrifying crayon. In addition to the Crayola, there are four additional levels (weapons) of increasing difficulty.

knife-dancing-2  knife-dancing-1

As we stated, Knife Dancing is free … but free will only get you so far … the easiest weapon, crayon. The other levels are available for 99 cents via in-app purchase. BUT HOLD ON … here’s the revolutionary part … an App Store first. When you purchase the additional weapons, you’ll receive a SwappIt code. You can then email the code to a friend, allowing them to redeem it from within the app and receive the 99 cents worth of additional weapons for free.

SwappIt-1  SwappIt-2

Essentially, anyone who buys the full version of Knife Dancing, can give away one copy of the full app for free … utilizing SwappIt technology. In addition to email, you can also post the code from within the app to Facebook or even send it wirelessly if the recipient is nearby. We never heard of such a thing … too cool!

And that folks is an App Store first. That’s the kind of thinking required to compete against 150,000 apps. That’s giving your app a fighting chance to go viral. Hopefully other devs will jump on the SwappIt code bandwagon and add some marketing flair to their app.

Free Full Version Of Knife Dancing To All KRAPPS Viewers
Big shouts to the folks at Headlight Software who were kind enough to create an uber SwappIt code exclusively for KRAPPS viewers … allowing you to download all knives for free. Simply CLICK HERE to download the free Knife Dancing app. Launch app and click the SwappIt button on the top right of the screen. Enter the code … KRAPPS.COM … (yeah, we changed it up – keep you guys on your toes) press Done and voila, all knives have been unlocked an ready for you to slash away. Enjoy!

[Illustraion by Dale Stephanos via Flickr]


  • michaelbur

    (from Headlight Software)
    We can give another free game to anybody who reads the comments too 🙂

    Get RocketCop in the app store and use SwappIt code GETCOP to unlock all the levels in that game too.

  • now that's very cool of you Mr. Developer … on behalf of the MILLIONS of
    KRAPPS viewers … thank you!!!

  • can i cut my self and bleed to death in this app? hahaha that would be awesome or not? Just joking. Awesome app.

  • Weebler

    Hey guys, thanks for the free games. I'm a lurker, but I do love this site!

  • excellent … enjoy! hey, if you're on Twitter … we're always tweeting
    good deals on iPhone apps, when they go FREE … check us at

  • ^Gauta

    Thanks Krapps^^

  • you got it … enjoy the two apps!

  • I always love free games! Will definitely follow your twitter. Thanks for sharing..

  • I always love free games! Will definitely follow your twitter. Thanks for sharing..

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    How do you enter it in an iPad