Let’s Bounce – SpringFling iPhone Game Review

(written by guest author Connor Coghlan. follow Connor on Twitter @Condawg)

Since I can’t really describe the genre of this iPhone game, I have to make a comparison.  Ah, I’ve got it … Spring Fling [iTunes $0.99] is like Doodle Jump, but with a bouncy twist.

SpringFling1  SpringFling2

Instead of being instantly propelled upward by each platform as you land on it, you have to pull down on your spring (which can be done anywhere on the screen) to decide the power and direction that you will launch. This gives you more overall control and allows you to guide yourself toward powerups and whatnot with more precision.

There are two kinds of levels … static and scrolling. The static levels allow you as much time as you need to figure out where to go and what to do. The scrolling levels put a bit of a time limit on the endeavor by auto-scrolling upward, making sure you act fast to avoid slipping off the screen. This feature adds a unique challenge and some frustration <banging head against the wall>.

SpringFling3  SpringFling4

There are powerups within SpringFling … a pogo-stick, balloons or fans that pop up at the bottom of the screen to blow you back up if you fall too low. But there are also pickups, which, unlike powerups, are permanent. Pickups affect your character aesthetically, so they don’t effect gameplay, but I’ll be damned if they’re not a boatload of fun to collect.

You can pick up different hats, faces, and eye pieces (some are glasses, some are just eyes) for your character to wear. This adds a good bit of replay value, as you try to unlock ’em all. Plus online leaderboards and Facebook / Twitter integration makes SpringFling even more addictive.

SpringFling5  SpringFling6

Although Doodle Jump is more popular, I personally prefer SpringFling. I like the extra control that you get and I love the pickups available. Published by indie game developers GTProduction, SpringFling is in no way krappy … it’s one of the few anti-KRAPPS we feature here at KRAPPS and has Konnor’s (that’s me) Kredential. For only 99 cents, give it a try, you won’t be sorry.



  • Ha ha sounds to be a good app…i like these kind of apps especially like mario,iceclimber etc…My favorite is EggBlox where you have to catch eggs and earn money and finally you can build your own dynamic farm!!

  • Truly speaking not so impresive could be better than this……..

  • @Sanjay, Thanks for sharing your own thoughts on Eggblox. I have just tried this app. Excellent Interface. Good to play, collect eggs and earn virtual $$.

  • Hai Sanjay Thanks for sharing your thoughts on EggBlox. Its really exciting in catch/collect eggs and earn virtual $$.

  • Hai Sanjay Thanks for sharing your thoughts on EggBlox. Its really exciting in catch/collect eggs and earn virtual $$.

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