Successful Developer Does A 180, Attempts Publishing A Crap App

minisquadron-logo Meet Tak Fung. Besides being a good guy, he’s an independent iPhone app developer and creator of the successful MiniSquadron arcade shooter game. 2009 was a good year for Mister Fung. Besides the launch of MiniSquadron, he secured various industry awards such as being listed in PocketGamer’s Top 50 iPhone Developers of 2009 and securing the No. 3 application in AppAdvice’s Top 100 Games of 2009. If you haven’t checked out MiniSquadron, you’re blowing it … it’s a kick ass game from a hard working indie developer. For more information, read The APPera’s thorough review … or just download MiniSquadron for immediate entertainment. [Full Version, $2.99] [Lite Version, Free]

Now if you look closely at Mister Fung’s portfolio of apps, you’ll notice something really strange. Listed in the App Store, right next to MiniSquadron, is the BikiniButts app. Not a typo … Mister Fung really did create and publish the BikiniButts application. Why – read on …


Back in December, we were cruising Twitter, minding our own business … when suddenly we see a tweet from Mister Fung … “OMG I have a new goal in life I must make an app that makes it onto” We thought Mister Fung was busting our balls (or drunk), so we tweeted a retort … “Careful Fung. Many apply, but few are chosen.” Well Mister Fung is a funny guy. He threw right back at us saying … “Challenge ACCEPTED! Feel the full might of 10 years of hardcore coding coming to KRAPPS in 2010!” LOL, well ok then … if dude wants to make KRAPPS, so be it.


Well a month goes by and we get an email from Fung … “Hello Mister KRAPPS! I have not backed down from your challenge. Enclosed for your consideration is a preview video of the crap app I have just submitted to Apple for approval … BoogieButts.”


LMAO! Pretty impressive crap … especially considering it came from the dude who published the high quality MiniSquadron game. So judging by the video, Mister Fung accomplished his goal … make crap and have it featured on KRAPPS. Only thing left was to make it official with Apple’s approval.

And therein lies the ultimate challenge … Apple’s arbitrary standards … especially for those “less than stellar” applications. Typically if a developer pushes the envelope too far, Apple rejects the app. Mister Fung found this out firsthand … BoogieButts was rejected by Apple. Apparently there is a rule which states you are not allowed to have any deformable body parts in the application graphically. You are only allowed if the pictures are user taken ones and not part of the app binary (like Wobble and iJiggles).

Yeah, sucks for Mister Fung and a lesson to all … it ain’t easy making crap. BoogieButts was heavily tweaked, resubmitted and approved by Apple. Below is a video of Mister Fung’s approved app, with new name … BikiniButts. As you’ll see, it really blows … so crappy that we would never feature it on KRAPPS (yes, there are plenty of apps that are so freaking stupid, they simply lose any “KRAPPS appeal”). But fear not … Mister Fung has indicated he will not give up. He has vowed to capture the one honor missing from his repertoire … developing an app worthy enough to be featured on KRAPPS. Fair enough Mister Fung … we’ll be waiting!



  • Boogie Butts gets the chop and Bikini Butts gets approved? WTF?

  • yeah … pretty crazy since BikiniButts is really the ultimate crap … WTH

  • I would be curious to know how well, or not well, bikinibutts sells. It would make me really sad if after taking into consideration things like development time and whatnot, that Bikini Butts was more profitable then MiniSquadron.

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  • purseonality

    Mr Fung Rocks!

  • IMNS

    Mister Fung Rocks

  • johnyates

    mr fung rocks 🙂

  • Robert

    Mister Fung Rocks

  • Robert

    “Mister Fung Rocks”

  • Fares

    Mister Fung Rocks

  • not sure about Mister Fung's case, but The Wall Street Journal did a piece
    where they profiled a dev and indeed, his crap app out sold his legit app.
    check our Media Coverage page for the video presentation of this story.

  • Mr Fung rocks! Er, thats me! Thanks to for being a damn funny site – and causing my brain to rupture and brain fart a challenge in the form of BoogieButts. However – it *failed too sbumit*, so I will be back with another try sometime in the future when I have another idiot idea.

    For those interested – BikiniButts, for the effort, time and PR that was spent on it (ie 2 days), is by FAR my most “profitable” app in terms of effort to reward ratio. No joke.

  • Mr.Fung you rock! hope to see another one of your whacky apps on

  • Steven Osborn

    I like big butts and I can not lie…

  • justingoldberg

    I guess it will have to go on to the cydia app store now, lol.

  • justingoldberg

    I guess it will have to go on to the cydia app store now, lol.