George Michael Embraces Technology, Uses Grindr iPhone App

i_love_celebrity_gossip_f When we started our site in 2008, we purchased the upgraded model which includes three Perez Hilton Cards. Redeeming these cards gives us a free pass to publish trashy sleazy celebrity gossip articles … but only three of them throughout the lifetime of KRAPPS. Since we do have some integrity, our trashy sleazy celebrity gossip news will be iPhone related. Today we cash in our first Perez Hilton Card … sorry.

It appears that former Wham! frontman, George Michael, is quite the iPhone power user … especially when it comes to “social” apps. Pictured below as “Back for Wood” (dude, come on … can you pick a cheesier user name?) in the Grindr iPhone application, Mr. Michael put his iPhone to good use while on a sold-out concert tour in Australia. Using the Grindr app, Mr. Michael was setting up dates from his hotel room at the Park Hyatt Sydney hotel. Sounds like an excellent endorsement opportunity for Grindr and perhaps a step in the right direction for Mr. “I Want Your Sex” … away from his public bathroom antics.



[via Pop Crunch]