Escape Reality, Become Tom Cruise – Tiki Bar For iPhone

Tom-Cruise-Cocktail-1 One of our secret desires here at KRAPPS is to escape the rat race of urban living and open a bar on a warm exotic island. Our place would be called “Cocktails & Dreams” and we would engage in elaborate drink-mixing performances like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Problem is  there are no In-N-Out Burgers on exotic islands … thus shattering our dream – sucks for us.

But alas we found our savior … a new iPhone game called Tiki Bar [iTunes $1.99]. Grant it, Tiki Bar is not the perfect exotic bartending replacement … but for two bucks, it’s close enough and we can still fulfill our In-N-Out B Urge r.  


Published by Caldera Studios, Tiki Bar is the first action game that has players mixing and serving drinks in a swanky Tiki Bar. After each drink is served, you collect the tip. The faster you serve drinks, the more tips you get … thus increasing your score. Just be sure to keep pace with your demanding customers or they’ll get pissed off and leave.

Mixing drinks is a blast in Tiki Bar. Caldera Studios designed a unique and very iPhone-esque user interface … shaking, cutting, juicing, pouring, stirring and blending are all there to fulfill your wildest Tom Cruise bartending dreams.



Now because gameplay takes place in a too cool Tiki Bar, the drinks served are also too cool … Bolo Cocktail, Outrigger, Apple Passion … you won’t find any Coors Light in this kick ass joint. Tiki Bar features in app purchases that extended gameplay … the matchbook ($0.99) sets up flaming drinks, while the blender ($0.99) unlocks libations that require blending … Lava Flow, Tasman Sea, Derby Daiquiri, etc.

We particularly dig using the matches which activates the Flame-O-Rama mode … not because we enjoy FIRE, FIRE, FIRE … rather for the two drinks Big Hot Wood and Flaming Nut (huh, huh).



Tiki Bar also contains some Easter eggs … rare drinks that appear roughly 1:100 drinks. Like the drink below … look at closely, it’s uncommon … Daddy’s Special Water (aka Daddy Drinks Because I Cry) – vodka poured into an iced mug, a spray of tonic and topped with Jerry Garcia gummy bears.



Not only did Caldera Studios do a phenomenal job coding the gameplay of Tiki Bar … the graphics and game music are superb. Tiki Bar includes over 450 original pieces of art by Emmy Nominated Nate Funaro of Cartoon Network and original Tiki lounge music by Marcus Baide. Obviously with this type of attention to detail, Tiki Bar is a high quality, well made application … certainly deserving of your hard earned $1.99 (which has nothing to do with Big Hot Wood). 


  • funny bartending app!

  • yeah … everything really comes together well in Tiki Bar … the gameplay,
    physics, graphics, music … all good! TIGF!

  • Niceeee! will this app get laid?

  • absolutely! all apps featured on KRAPPS will get you laid … why the hell
    do you think we even started this site in the first place? to get laid. 🙂

  • tommy c

    pretty sure that's why everyone does anything! 😉

  • tommy c

    pretty sure that's why everyone does anything! 😉