Apple Censors The Word ‘Uncensored’ – Huh?

Shut-Up-Oprah This just in … the word "Uncensored" has been censored … Playboy app still for sale.

We are fans of No Tie Software’s family of TEXT-TO-SPEECH ringtone creation apps, sold under the name AutoRingtone but also Ringtones Uncensored [iTunes], to reflect that you have the right to type ANYTHING you want and have it spoken as a ringtone.  Want a ringtone that says "Shut Up Oprah"? You got it!  Want one that says you love Oprah? Go for it.  That’s what uncensored means … freedom of speech.  The app itself contains NO objectionable content, but just like Apple’s Notepad or Email apps, you are free to type anything you want.


So, when we asked No Tie if they had an iPad version of Ringtones Uncensored coming, it was ironic to hear that they had to change their app’s name, when submitting it for the iPad!

Uncensored Bad

The word "Uncensored" was itself censored, despite appearing in "Family Guy", "Katt Williams" and other iPhone apps.  Is this due to the publicity that iPad apps will be getting or just an overzealous reviewer with different priorities?  Nobody knows.  But No Tie turned lemons into lemonade and rebadged the iPad version as Freedom Of SpeechTones  [iTunes $1.99]. Only in America!

Censored Uncensored

So, if you believe in freedom of speech, or you like speech synthesis, or you’re just sick of guessing which song is for which contact, pick up the iPhone or iPad version and take a stand for freedom!


  • can you censor an uncensored censor word? there's an app-ple for that too.

  • LOL … you lost us after the fourth double-back censored/uncensored
    combo … but Russian judge scores it a 9.3

  • No_Tie

    Thanks for the mention! Yep, we're rolling with the punches.

    In fact, we've temporarily dropped the price to $0.99, so the price of free speech is practically free!

  • No_Tie

    “In Soviet Russia, Words Censor YOU!”

  • No_Tie

    “In Soviet Russia, Words Censor YOU!”