iPhone Can Now Determine Ripeness Of Watermelons

Developers never cease to amaze us. With nearly 200,000 applications available for download … and just when you think there really is an app for everything … some ingenious developer comes along and publishes an original app that makes you go, “damn, why didn’t I think of that?”

Last weekend we had yet another one of those “Ok This Time There Really Is An App For Everything” moments  … as iWatermelon Deluxe was launched on Saturday.


The premise of iWatermelon Deluxe is simple … use your iPhone to determine the ripeness of a watermelon (yeah, why didn’t we think of that?). In three easy steps, you’ll be like Superman using his X-ray vision … peering deep in the bowels of the underhalls watermelon. Just place your iPhone on top of the desired watermelon … step 1 – select the melon’s size … step 2 – select its color …

iWatermelon-1  iWatermelon-2

step 3 – tap the melon three times. iWatermelon Deluxe will then analyze the resulting sound using a unique custom made formula for determining whether the watermelon is unripe, fair or nectar of the gods.

iWatermelon-3  iWatermelon-4

At 99 cents, iWatermelon Deluxe [iTunes] provides solid value, a lifetime of sweetness and perhaps even romance. Since they say the grocery store is a great place to hook up with other singles … using your iPhone in the fruit aisle just might be the ultimate turn on for geek-like minds.

[hooray for us! not a single sexual innuendo in the entire melons article … HA]


  • arno84

    That is absolutely hilarious!!!!

  • yeah, who needs one of those pick up chicks app when we now have
    iWatermelon 🙂

  • yeah, who needs one of those pick up chicks app when we now have
    iWatermelon 🙂

  • msdrpepper

    OH was that an Israeli watermelon box I saw in the background? Should be worth the price of admission right there. I've always wondered what I was “listening” for, since I'm rather deaf anyway…

  • you nailed it … indeed that is an Israeli watermelon box … you may be
    rather deaf, but you certainly have a GREAT eye! 🙂

  • wumfi

    They should do a similar app for breast pertness… Then you would get your innuendo 😉

  • argh … you just had to got there!! 😉

  • msdrpepper

    was I the very first one to actually download this one? it says no reviews.

  • msdrpepper

    Got it. Now I need to go to the grocery store and make a spectacle of myself thumping watermelons. (and I'm a girl, okay?).

  • no, there are plenty of downloads but not everyone chooses to write a
    review or even leave a rating.

  • Wow.

  • The zune can do this too!


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