Werewolf Me – Steve Jobs & Oprah Never Looked So Good

Today we salute werewolves … the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the monster world … werewolves get no respect. Recently, werewolves have totally fallen out of vogue …replaced my the latest flavors of the month, zombies and vampires.

“MEH”, we say … “screw those trendy zombies and vampires – we’re sticking with the lady who brought us to the dame … werewolves rock!”

And what better way to celebrate werewolves than with Werewolf Me [iTunes $1.99] … the only iPhone app that will transform a face photo into a Wolf Man.



Simply upload a picture with the in-app camera or from the photo library … and in seconds your friends, family or whoever will be transformed into a super cool werewolf. The transformation can be immediate or for a more realistic approach, according to the moon phase.

werewolf-me-1  werewolf-me-2

HA … Steve Jobs and Oprah never looked so good (or the same)!


werewolf-me-6  werewolf-me-7


werewolf-me-8  werewolf-me-9