Cheap Bastards Rejoice – Best Bang (not a sex app) Helps You Get Drunk For Less

stimulus-package On the heels of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Obama’s economic stimulus package), the kind folks at Studio Karkajoo decided they would take matters into their own hands and publish an app that would make a positive impact on the American economy. A noble gesture indeed, especially considering the fact that Studio Karkajoo are just a bunch of iPhone geeks with no political or economic know-how. Their agenda is pure … appeal to the common man. Their application is brilliant and timely for these tough economic times … Best Bang! (not a sex app)


Simply put, Best Bang [iTunes $0.99 and Free Version] helps you get drunk for less. And the less money you spend getting shit faced, the more money you have available to purchase Apple stock … it’s a win-win situation, courtesy of Studio Karkajoo.

Best Bang is an alcohol ROI calculator … with the “return” defined as wasted, plastered or f*cked up. The app quickly compares the price per alcohol level between any given beers, wines or spirits. All you need to do is enter the price, alcohol percentage, volume per bottle and total package units … and Best Bang will spit out the best bang for your buck.

best-bang-1  best-bang-2

Say for example money is tight and you’re looking to get your date hammered (or hammer your date) as cheaply as possible. Do you buy a $10.50 bottle of California wine or a six-pack of Beer Wiser for $7.50? Twelver of Beer Ribbon for $9.80 or a big boy Tennessie (cool it spelling police) Whiskey at $27.50? Well unless you’re that janitor dude from Good Will Hunting, you’ll need Best Bang to accurately recommend Beer Wiser and Beer Ribbon for your night of cheap thrills.

best-bang-3  best-bang-4

Outside of stimulating America’s economy, Best Bang is essential for starving college students (i <3 ramen), BP public relations employees, Foxconn workers or anybody on a tight budget.

So to review, our winning formula = use Best Bang [iTunes $0.99 and Free Version] to get drunk for less … buy Apple stock with the savings … wait until 2012 when Apple releases iBoard … cash in Apple stock and become RICH! On behalf of the people of Walmart, cheap bastards and all American citizens … we thank Studio Karkajoo for their exciting stimulus package, Best Bang! (not a sex app)