Interpreting Steve Jobs Moronic “Ur Holding It Wrong” Email Reply [Pictorial]

Jobs-iPhone-4-Hold In follow-up to our Apple’s Ass-Kissing Public Relations FAIL article … we have to share this next incident. Yesterday we visited an Apple Store and noticed an employee talking to prospective iPhone 4 buyers. Swear to God … this dude was giving instructions on how to properly hold iPhone 4 so it doesn’t lose reception. He goes on saying, “you’ll eventually get used to it” … and took the opportunity to cross-sell the $29 Bumper. What’s even more amazing … people were buying into this bullshit. They were practicing the pinch-and-hold technique, looking like absolute morons. LMAO – WTF … folks are like iZombies when it comes to Apple … they’ll believe and do whatever Apple and Steve Jobs says – not surprising, but really freaking sad.

Anyways, the iPhone 4 death grip story really took off yesterday … with Steve Jobs’ moronic email reply taking center stage … it’s not our fault, you’re holding it wrong. Reiterations of the Jobs response were all over the Internet … and some renditions were quite hysterical. Below are a few our favorite “Ur Doing It Wrong” interpretations.  

(via KRAPPS reader @JamesChevalier)


iPhone 4 Hold


Ur-Doing-It-Wrong-5  Ur-Doing-It-Wrong-6 (via David Cole)



  • I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

  • LOL … exactly, it's a toss-up 🙂

  • LOL … exactly, it's a toss-up 🙂