Spanking The Donkey – We’re Still Talking About An iPhone Game, Right?

Nothing really to see here, folks, move along …

It’s a free iPhone game … it’s called Spanking The Donkey [iTunes Free].


To spank the donkey, just shake the iPhone up and down as fast as you can. Be sure to check out the Resistance Mode, “keep spanking to test your endurance and improve your spank during a long spanking session.”


Oh, did we mention it’s called Spanking The Donkey?



Again people … nothing to see here, move along. Our motives were purely selfish … we wanted to be the only non-porn website on the Internet to feature Spanking The Donkey. Yeah, we did mention it’s called Spanking The Donkey, right? LOL.


  • No_Tie

    What a jackass 🙂

  • No_Tie

    Hee haw!

    What's next, Choke the Chicken?

  • Huh, nice game)) What a crazy idea) I`m already sorry for the poor anymal:D

  • after two years of authoring KRAPPS, a Chocking The Chicken app would not surprise us!

  • LOL … indeed, sadness