“F*ck” Now Allowed In The App Store – Al Pacino Soundboard Proves It Repeatedly

profanity1 One of the many cool things about being an iPhone app developer is that you get to play by Apple’s rules. While this may sound like it sucks, it’s really quite exciting because you never know what rule Apple will change or enforce next. It’s like playing a game of baseball in which one inning you try and get 3 outs, then 7 outs, then whatever random number of outs the umpire dreams up next.

So there used to be a time in the App Store when Apple did not allow the F-Bomb. Apps like South Park and Nine Inch Nails’ Access were rejected due to what Apple deemed as “objectionable content” … basically explicit language … the F-Word.

But apparently all that has changed …  applications can now contain the word “fuck” and even better, App Store preview screenshots can broadcast “fuck” to visitors young and old. The “fucking” screenshots is another rule change by Apple … previously they were rejecting apps due to objectionable preview screenshots. Per an email from the iPhone App Review Team,

Application screenshots must meet the requirements for a 4+ rating (no objectionable material) since these images are visible on the App Store by all users even when  purchasing is restricted by the application’s rating.

So how do we know about the “fucking” rule change? Nope – Apple did not hold a “fucking” press conference or distribute a “fucking” memo. In the exact same way most developers learn Apple’s rules … we just randomly stumbled upon the new “fucking” rule by downloading the Al Pacino Soundboard app [iTunes limited time FREE].


New rule #1 – can contain objectionable iPhone screenshots visible in the App Store …

New rule #2 – can contain explicit “fucking” language …


The Al Pacino Soundboard app features 158 Pacino sound clips from all his movies like The Godfather film trilogy, Scarface, The Devil’s Advocate and more. To say this app adheres to new rule #2 is an understatement … over 100 of the 158 audio clips contain some form of profanity with “fuck” taking center stage. Classic Pacino phrases like … “Fuck you” – “Fuck that shit” – and “Don’t fuck with me” are all there and so much “fucking” more.

Al-Pacino-1  Al-Pacino-2

So there you have it … if you are a “fucking” Pacino fan, REJOICE … Apple has once again randomly changed the rules and now approves “fucking” apps. But don’t “fuck” around …  download the Al Pacino Soundboard app [iTunes limited time FREE] now … because you never know when Apple will “fuck” with you and change their “fucking” rules yet again.


  • No_Tie

    Keep in mind that developers can change the screenshots AFTER the app has been approved. So this may be a case of that. Regardless, the content sure is FU*)*&'d up.

    …BTW, I once had dinner at the table next to Mr. Pacino. This would have been a great app to have at the time.

  • yes, good point … we've seen it several times where devs change up to more
    “controversial” screenshots after the fact … you would think Apple would
    want better control of this process.

    Did Mr. Pacino drop a lot of f-bombs? 😉

  • No_Tie

    Nah, he was with his young niece I believe, and on his best behavior.

  • Hmm, maybe they`ve made an exception just for this app, maybe they are also fans of Al Pacino;)) I can`t fully believe Apple have mitigated their policy of censorship.
    Susan, from blackberry development

  • yeah, our title was very tongue-in-cheek. similar to overtly sexual apps from well known channels like Playboy, SI, etc … we're thinking profanity falls under the same criteria. if profanity came from a well known channel/movie/song etc, more likely to be approved

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