Dig Dug iPhone iOS 4 Wallpaper [Download]

Retro-Games-App-store Similar to Apple’s recent introduction of the Retro Games section in the App Store, we’ve accidentally on purpose began our own old school collection … Retro Games iPhone 4 iOS 4 wallpaper. But unlike most retro iPhone games, our collection won’t cost you a dime because we’re sharing our vintage nuggets for FREE.

Our home screen wallpaper collection started with Pac-Man (we went a little nuts and collected 9 different versions) … then Ms. Pac-Man … next up was Donkey Kong … and now, the latest addition to our family, the classic arcade game published by Namco in 1982 – Dig Dug.


We found this awesome Dig Dug iPhone wallpaper on Flickr, created by docrocketpop … poor thing was sitting there all alone, looking lost and sad … we just had to bring it home.

Dig Dug is 640×960 size for iPhone 4. Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save. Enjoy!

Dig Dug iPhone Wallpaper


  • Phil

    Will gladly use this on my non-iOS4 1st gen phone just to spite apple.

  • LOL … what, don't you feel better about Apple now that they are giving away free cases 😉

  • Phil

    No, not really.

  • Eric

    haha look at the reception bars lol

  • yeah, we're thinking that's a pretty common response 🙂

  • LOL … reception bars? never heard of such a thing … what are those 😉

  • JG

    How can i get the case from Apple? ==” …

  • next week, you'll be able to apply online at Apple.com for a free case … Apple will make the official “instructions” announcement shortly. you'll have until Sep 30 to submit your claim for a free case.