Apple’s Only Black Employee Voices His Frustration With iPhone 4 [Video]

darnell-johnson Last month we featured two brilliant commercials for the iPhone 4 and iPad. The reason they’re so epic is because Apple did NOT produce them and thus do not include bullshit marketing spin.

Well the same folks are at it again … this time taking on “Antennagate” in their usual no-holds-barred approach …

”Blame AT&T, we didn’t invent the dropped call, they did.”


”We told you from the beginning that this changes everything … and that also includes how you hold the phone.”


“Black iPhone can’t do this, black iPhone drops my call – you know what, F*CK YOU people.”

And similar to camera guy in the last two videos, we absolutely love Apple’s only black employee, Darnell Johnson – dude brings up some very good points! What’s up with that?


[via iPhone Download Blog]


  • that should be “only” black employee, because obviously he isn’t