People Of Walmart Official iPhone App – It’s New, It’s FREE!

PeopleofWalmart_logo Attention people of Wal-Mart … your official iPhone app has arrived! And in true Wal-Mart fashion (we use the term loosely), you’ll enjoy 100% rollback savings … it’s FREE!

In case you’re clueless about the awesomeness at, let us fill you in … it’s awesome! People of Walmart is a hysterical website that “celebrates” the world’s largest retailer by featuring pictures of its whack job shoppers. Stuff like … mom pulling child by hair – kid eating a booger – man in underwear being taze by police … and so much more dumbassness unique to the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart.

So now People of Walmart joins Cult of Apple … with its official iPhone application. But don’t try to find it in the App Store … it ain’t there – well sort of. Seems the folks at People of Walmart anticipated some shit might go down with the lawyer dorks at Wal-Mart and preemptively changed their app’s name to Feature Creature [iTunes Free] [Apple has banned app, see update below]


Although the name sucks, make no mistake … the app is pure People of Walmart brilliance. Uh, well, that’s because Feature Creature is the People of Walmart website, but in a cool iPhone format … complete with swipe for next post or shake for a random post.

people-of-walmart-1  people-of-walmart-2

Aside from the convenient viewing of Wal-Mart freaks, the People of Walmart Feature Creature (seriously, WTF kind of name is that?) app allows users to snap photos and upload their own contributions to People of Walmart … assuming you’re brave enough to step foot into a Wal-Mart and can tolerate that lingering stench of human feces mixed with bleach that’s present at every single Wal-Mart location.

people-of-walmart-3  people-of-walmart-4

In conclusion, we only have one question … why are you still here?!? Click this revolutionary hyperlink [Apple has banned app, see update below] and download the official People of Walmart app right now for FREE. Then come back tomorrow for more iPhone chaos here at KRAPPS.

UPDATE – Looks like someone’s panties got in a bundle! Unfortunately the app has been pulled by Apple. We are attempting to find out why Feature Creature was so offensive.


  • MtDewed

    LOL … I just HAD to go get this. Funny Stuff for sure! Thanks for posting.

    Now I only hope I don't see a pic of myself in there.

  • MtDewed

    Q: If you can't laugh at yourself … who can you laugh at?

    A: Others

  • I wish I had this app back when there was a drunk black lady bending over digging thru her purse on the floor & her entire left TlT was hangin out. She was dressed as tho she got back from a club, one of those shirts that show alot of cleavage. Everyone was staring at her and laughing but she was too drunk to know what was going on and even the black female police officer close by watching her did not say a thing, finally me and my wife decided to go tell her her TlT was out. The even weirder thing is that she kept digging thru her purse for over 20mins.

  • Double post.

  • AndyB

    damn it late to the party

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  • Gotmail7654

    cant you guys put this on cydia or something. i really want it.

  • yeah, you would think … Cydia would be a perfect place for this awesome app

  • Scruffy32

    Any chance you’d release this through the jailbreak scene?

  • Kxdean

    There one for the iPod?

  • Maximus

    dangit, i want this app.  There is hours of entertainment here just waiting to unleashed.  I know of 20 people that would love to get this.  Please hurry.