Farts, Zombies, Evil Unicorn, Pope, Chuck Norris, Hitler – All In One Epic iPhone Game

We rarely (if ever – too lazy to verify) preview apps that haven’t been released. But when we saw this next iPhone game over in the “Upcoming Games” section of TouchArcade … well, it had us at the title –> Almost Everything That Is Wrong With The App Store Combined In One Game.  

So here’s the deal … in September, Mutant Games is planning to release a game which incorporates all the overplayed themes in the App Store … mainly farts and zombies. Appropriately, the game will be called … Farts VS. Zombies.


Seriously, Farts VS. Zombies will be epic. Stuff like The Evil Unicorn, Hitler, The Pope, Chuck Norris and other ridiculous nonsense will be included as well. And to destroy the oncoming aforementioned adversaries, your only weapon is … YOUR ASS! Hopefully by the September launch date rolls around, Mutant Games will include our other App Store faves like boobs and orgasms.

Farts VS. Zombies will be priced at $1.99 and judging by the ball busting hysterical trailer below … it’ll be worth every freaking penny! (watch the must-see trailer … it’s awesome)


  • Shadow

    LOL! But they should have made it “Doodle Farts Vs Zombies”

  • LOL …. yes, very true! And of course the bonus vomit feature … doodle
    vomit, oh yum! 😉

  • @Shadow – What makes you say “Doodle Farts”?