Miley Cyrus Legal Age Countdown For iPhone … And The App Store Is Now Complete

Miley Cyrus iPhone glitter While this next app may appeal to the millions of little girls, tweens and teenage boys who drool over Miley Cyrus’ every move … let’s not be naive. You know damn well all those Maxim perverts and dirty old men are downloading it to celebrate Miley becoming legal … and wishfully hoping for the “Hannah Montana Gone Wild” video after the app expires on November 23, 2010 (in 112 days).

Sorry … the Miley Cyrus 18th Birthday Countdown app is too creepy, cheesy and bubble gummy for our taste … ewww. But if you insist … save yourself a buck and visit –>


But at least Apple hasn’t approved a Justin Bieber legal age countdown application … yet.


  • No_Tie

    If it works as a countdown to when her show is off the air, I'm in.