Are You A Dead Lay? Super Hero Sex App To The Rescue!

Let’s talk about sex (baby) …

Experiencing the bedroom blues? Is there no motion in your ocean? Do you resemble road kill between the sheets?

Look, maybe it’s not your fault … perhaps playing a dead body on CSI has taken over you life and now you’ve become an actual dead lay (ewww). But no worries – Apple feels your pain and has just approved a new app that will rid you of your jellyfish ways …
Super Hero Sex to the rescue!



The Super Hero Sex app promises to deliver detailed instructions on the positions women enjoy the most. For a mere $1.99, you’ll get audio and visual clips demonstrating each erotic position. And of course the app’s big sell …

Pull these [sex positions] off and
you will be her Super Hero!

Superhero Sex … WOW! SOLD! … we’re downloading it today so we can start having a  SUPER HERO sex life!


LMAO … not sure who’s the bigger numb nut … the peeps who wrote the app’s cheesy description or the buyers of this erotic sexual application.