iPopcorn Popper App – Will It Pop? [Video]

Back in 2008, the notion of popping popcorn with cell phones started to circulate. Videos could be found all over the Internet of popcorn kernels surrounded by these ancient looking cell phones (what’s a RAZR and why did it cost $200?) … the owners would call their phones at the same time … and a few seconds later, the kernels would begin to pop.


MEH! Not impressed … how many cell phones does it take to pop popcorn? Well back in 2008, it took at least three cell phones to make popcorn … and that’s because the revolutionary iPhone with its 250,000+ magical applications was not available. These days, it takes one iPhone, coupled with a special app, to make our favorite healthy snack (bonus points if you can find The Annoying Orange in the video – for some reason, geeks really dig this game)


However as cool as the iPhone popcorn popper app may be … we’re still waiting for the nacho cheese melter application to satisfy our South Of The Border craving.


  • PEPE