This Orchestra Fail Will Make Your Ears Bleed [Video] – plus Recap Week Of August 2

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

August 2: Miley Cyrus Legal Age Countdown For iPhone … And The App Store Is Now Complete

August 3: Pocket God Comics Now Available – First Comic Book From An Original iPhone App

August 4: Are You A Dead Lay? Super Hero Sex App To The Rescue!

August 5: iPopcorn Popper App – Will It Pop? [Video]

August 6: Double Rainbow Pee, What Does This Mean? Urine Teller App Can Help!

August 7: Hey Soldier, You’re Looking a Little Sheepish – Saving Private Sheep [iPhone Game Review]


Warning: Play At Your Own Risk

This next clip may cause serious injury … DA HORROR! (make sure you turn the volume WAY UP – LMAO)


(via FAIL Blog)