Circuit Board iPhone iOS 4 Wallpapers – Twice The Geeky Coolness [Download]

cpu-iphone-wallpaper In this edition of unique iOS 4 wallpapers for your iPhone 4 home screen, we decided to veer away from our usual offerings and present something geekier than retro video games wallpaper. This time we explore our innermost electrical geek and turn our iPhone 4 into a primitive yet awesomely cool circuit board.

These home screen gems were created by Some Geek In Tennessee (seriously, that’s the name of the dude’s website … kinda of an oxymoron since we thought only hicks live in Tennessee – our bad) … and come in two delicious flavors – Vanilla and Kitchen Sink.

The vanilla version contains just the cpu and has an appealing minimal look to it … while kitchen sink not only has the cpu, but also caps, resistors, vias and a whole bunch of other stuff that would make even the nerdiest electrical engineer break out in song and dance. Enjoy!

[Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]  

circuit board iphone wallpaper 1

circuit board iphone wallpaper 2


  • aalaap


  • agreed … we are tired of seeing all those wooden bookshelf home screen wallpapers … this is fresh, new & unique – this we like (plus green is our favorite color – but don't tell anyone)

  • I like

  • MegaMeatyVinky

    I'll take the 2nd one.

  • Amazing iphone circuit button i like it.

  • Guest


  • I like this wallpaper. I actually have this in my iPhone. Circuit boards make great patterns! =)