We Downloaded iSwimNude Because We Like To Swim Naked!

After two long years of waiting since the App Store opened its doors for business, nudists (yes, we said NUDISTS – people who like to walk around NAKED) have a reason to rejoice … Apple has finally approved the first iPhone application catering to naturists … iSwimNude.


iSwimNude was recently published by German nudist Frank Budszuhn. Rumor has it that Frank coded the entire application while he was buck naked in efforts to give the app a true uninhibited au naturel feel. This type of raw coding should appeal to both casual and hardcore nudists alike.


The premise behind the FREE iSwimNude application is fairly straightforward … it relies on user-generated content to populate it’s database of nude beaches worldwide. Know a spot where you can let it all hang out? Simply use the in-app submission form to share your bare assed pleasure with the rest of the iSwimNude community.


Since iSwimNude was only released a few days ago, there are few nudie beaches documented. For example, if you live in Southern California, your only choices of birthday suit bathing are at least 7 hours away … up in San Francisco or Vancouver (quick, someone enter Blacks Beach or San Onofre). Not surprising, the majority of nude locations can be found in Frank’s motherland, Germany … dude has obviously done his research.

iswimnude-2  iswimnude-3

One thing to note … there are no warning signs within iSwimNude addressing the dangers of nude sunbathing. So if you venture out stark nekkid, be sure to use plenty of sunscreen or better yet, cover your member with a towel. Trust us … a sunburned penis is worse than Bengay on your ball sack – OUCH!  


  • Dewed

    Why is it most nudists are old and fugly? … ones you wouldn't want to see anyway.

  • LOL … one if the many wonders of the world 🙂

  • Who wants to see me naked?


  • There should be an update for compatibility with FaceTime…lol

  • like an iSwimNude Roulette … lol, love it 🙂

  • chiefg

    No one wants to see anyone naked, nudism is about being nude, not voyerism.

  • Chiefg

    Because Young and pretty people are too hung up about their looks and everyone around them. Once you get to an older point in life, you realize life is too short about worrying about everyone else and you enjoy “yourself” and ignore what everyone else thinks.

  • Piet

    can you only add an location when you are really there, or can you also add an location when you are not at that tinme. For example a location you found on a holiday?