White iPhone 4 Delay, The Real Reasons – Evil Orcs, White Supremacists & More [Comic]

white_iphone4_endjuly_F Still holding out for a white iPhone 4 in 2010? Haha … good luck! Try 2011, if that.

And what’s the deal behind the delay? Reports speculate a variety of reasons … shortage of glass, bent frames resulting in misaligned phones, white paint not thickening … MEH -  bull*cough*shit!

Well, we finally discovered the REAL reasons for the white iPhone hold-up via The Joy of Tech. It’s not just one factor, but a combination of the following … white supremacists, faulty teeth whitening strips (we always thought those things sucked), evils orcs, white trash (they’re always up to no good), white bread-like packaging and more.

So next time you read some white delay report on Gizmodo, Tech Crunch, Wired, et al … call out their crap because the truth has set you free …