This Is What Geek Porn Looks Like [Video] – plus Recap Week Of August 9

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

August 9: Circuit Board iPhone iOS 4 Wallpapers – Twice The Geeky Coolness [Download]

August 10: Learn Oral Sex The Apple Way With C*********s 101 [NC-17]

August 11: We Downloaded iSwimNude Because We Like To Swim Naked!

August 12: FU Apple Results In Huge Sales, Then Quickly Banished – Camera+ Pulled From App Store

August 13: White iPhone 4 Delay, The Real Reasons – Evil Orcs, White Supremacists & More [Comic]

August 14: This Is Why Steve Wozniak Rocks! [Video]


Oh No! Geeks Gone Wild!

LMAO! From Revision 3 Internet Television … this is what happens when geeks get all sexed up and start shooting XXX videos.

Unboxing Porn – iPad Edition … it’s sexy, seductive and HOT HOT HOT!



  • Dewed

    LOL @ the typo on the box

  • LOL … for sure, beauty/humor in the details 🙂

  • Kreativtek

    Amazing video, it highlights all disadvantages of the iPod (agh, iPad – typo) in a very humorous way.

    The “typo” made me laugh so much, that I almost fell off the chair 😉

  • indeed, the beauty is in the details 🙂