Motivated By Sex Sells Principle, Veteran Developer Publishes His Best App Ever!

Alain-Fernandes-iPhone Developer Alain Fernandes is a rock star. Dude started programming 30 years ago on the programmable Texas Instrument calculator TI-57 at the tender age of 13 . His resume is quite impressive … experience in both PC and Mac OS / OSX environments, ten years of mobile and personal assistant programming, Atari, GameBoy, Xbox, Wii, PSP, DS … name a platform, he programmed on it. Mainly a video game coder and with hundreds of published titles to Alain’s credit … programming is his true passion.

Of course now rock star Alain is an iPhone developer as well. He actually retired from “corporate” coding and now works for himself … as an independent called In The Pockets.

And after 30 years of kick ass coding experience … what kind of insanely awesome offerings can we expect from Alain? Try the super cool A Art Of Pocket Light – Sexy iPhone application …


A Art Of Pocket Light – Sexy is similar to the billions of flashlight / light bulb applications found in the App Store … but with one amazing twist … when illuminated, the light bulb displays the word “sexy” … yeah and that’s it. EPIC WIN!


Hmmm … 30 years of programming? We’re thinking dude is obviously burnt out (no pun intended). And for those of you desiring more of Alain’s work, check out the “Love” and “Passion” versions of A Art Of Pocket Light … WOOT!

pocket-light-love  pocket-light-passion