How Much Does Steve Jobs Really Love You?

steve-jobs-loves-you-1 Last month during the iPhone 4 Antennagate damage control press conference, Steve Jobs must have said “We Love Our Users” several million times (which personally feels kind of creepy … like we’re Apple drug addicts or something and Jobs is our pusher – hmmm, guess this is sort of true – ewww).

We didn’t quite mind this proclaimed love affair until Jobs made the following statement …

We love our users so much we’ve built
300 Apple retail stores for them

LOL – stop the bullshit Steve, you’re killing us smalls … cnet reports the REAL reason you built 300 Apple stores = $2.58 billion in quarterly revenue. Hahaha … that’s a $$ whole $$ lot $$ of $$ lovin’$$ !



  • Breaking News: The all-loving Steve Jobs announces Apple's newest product – iLoveU – a heart shaped rock with the words “I love my fans” painted on it with white paint.

    The iLoveU will be available in local Apple Stores next year starting at $699.

    This just in: Steve Jobs has announced the iLoveU will not include white paint. Paint companies are furious.

  • and the best/worst part is … all the iZombies will flock to buy it … ah shit, what is that we see there in front of the Apple Store? … a line is already forming for iLoveYou 🙂

  • I'm saving for the iLoveU Nano lol. btw, your blog is awesome 😀

  • right on … thanks for visiting our crazy little part of the Internet

  • Mastennizcminidoyle


  • really? you are? 😉