The Gravedigger For iPhone – Human Or Zombie, Who Will You Be?

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)


When I first heard that there was a game called The Gravedigger [iTunes $1.99], I presumed it to be monster truck rally kind of thing.  Then I heard that the game was developed by a group from Brazil and it features zombies which really piqued my interest.  Reading the description, I learned that you can play either as the humans or the zombies, so when I fired up the game for the first time, I decided to go the undead route.  This is accomplished by choosing the gravedigger’s side (vs the priest’s).


Choose quick game to get a feel for the controls with a simple goal: kill the priest before his followers kill the gravedigger.  The zombies fare better when they attack in groups, so you’ll want to build up a few before you send them off against the club, torch and gun wielding humans.  The gravedigger makes new zombies by tending to his graveyard, giving them a help up out if the ground.  You can also make new zombies by killing a human and turning them.  The priest appears to make new followers by visiting their homes and reading the bible to them.


In campaign mode, you are given a series of tasks to complete for each level.  In this mode, you can also recruit additional zombies by hanging around outside their houses.  I guess the inhabitants just all of a sudden up and decide to turn, because they’ll come out of the house ready for action.  If you don’t get to the house in time, you get angry mobs armed to the teeth instead.  In later rounds, your zombie minions will auto-attack anything that comes near, so you’ll need to pay attention or they will quickly get themselves into trouble.


The art and music for this game is top notch, but the gameplay feels a little clunky at times and a bit repetitive.  After playing several rounds, I expected to encounter new characters or at least new abilities and power-ups. The Gravedigger is available for $1.99 via the App Store.