Katie Price Launches Custom iPod Line Dressed In Bizarre iPod Outfit – plus Recap Week Of August 16

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Find The iPods On Katie Price

Former glamour model, Playmate and current British celebrity Katie Price (aka Jordan) launched her new line of custom iPods the other day. To commemorate the occasion, Katie showed up at a London press event dressed in a strange alien-like catsuit … complete with an iPod tiara, iPod Nano earrings and a Shuffle resting peacefully in her cleavage. Below are unaltered images of this “unique” ensemble. See if you have better luck than us in spotting the Apple accessories … we can only make out BREASTS.   

katie-price-91  katie-price-88




  • lol, what next for the crazy publicity whore

  • iOSXy

    I can't see any other Apple accessories, but with that crazy getup the heels of her boots should have been iPods as well. I wonder if she got an iPod vagazzled as well? I bet she'd show us if she did…

  • pierced vajayjay with dangling nano's? wouldn't be surprising in the least!

  • see comment below … pierced vajayjay with dangling nano's 🙂