Sex Education App Uses Sexually Explicit Yet Acceptable Icon

You just never know what will get approved on the App Store …

German-based application developers, Lagenscheidt KG, have discovered the secret formula of including sexually explicit images in iPhone apps. Check out there new sex education app Sex-Deutsch



Got it? Humans having sex = not ok … Bugs having sex = ok. Because after all, how could anyone say no to boinking bugs (sooo cuuuute)?



  • No_Tie

    Two 'Lady' bugs no less.

  • Mi

    It's actually a fun series of dictionary books, that translate “special” language (as well as dialect, idioms) to standard language.

  • bullshit … it's like Playboy / pornography for bugs! 🙂

  • agnoster

    Langenscheidt (not “Lagenscheidt”, it's right there on the pictures you included) is actually a publishing group; though I guess now they've moved into app development, it seems a little odd to call them an app developer – like if GM made an app for controlling their cars' radios and you called them “app developer General Motors”.

  • our apologies as we are not from Germany and thus unfamiliar with
    Langenscheidt … thanks for the clarification

  • haha funny sex education but it is really necessary lol –