If You Sudoku, Sudoku 2 HD Pro is For You [iPad App Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

sudoku-2-iphone-title I think Finger Arts, the developers of Sudoku 2 HD Pro [iTunes $2.99] for the iPad (and Sudoku 2 [iTunes Free] and Sudoku 2 Pro [iTunes $2.99] for the iPhone/iPod Touch), may have missed a better name for these apps: Squeeeeeeee!doku.  This is based on a conversation I had earlier this week that went something like this:

My Wife (the Nth level black belt Sudoku master): "What are you playing over there?"
Me: "Oh, I’m checking out Sudoku 2 HD Pro to writeup for KRAPPS this week.  It’s also"
My Wife (notice that she is completing my sentence here): "available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I play it all the time, it’s my favorite Sudoku app."
Me: "Well, now, you can also play it on the iPad and it looks great"
My Wife: "Squeeeeeeee!"

See, there it is, product marketing gold.


Having played it a bunch this week, I can see why it’s her fave.  The app takes the familiar Sudoku game and gives it a friendly little spank in the form of a continuously decreasing multiplier that is used to generate a score.  And if you’re going to have a score, you might want to compare your high scores to those of Bob from accounting and Yuri the yak farmer from, um, wherever yaks are farmed, right?  You’ve got it, in the form of OpenFeint integration.


As I said before, the app looks great.  In the Pro version, there are three different board styles: Tiles, Classic and Glass and you can play in either landscape or portrait layout.  The free version doesn’t have the Glass style and can only be played in the portrait layout, but it’s otherwise the same game, giving you ample opportunity to try before you buy.


Lush ambient music and sound effects add to the enjoyment.

If you like Sudoku, I would definitely recommend giving this app a look, especially if you are playing on an iPad.  If you don’t currently like Sudoku games, the added elements of scoring and such should give you a reason to give this one a try.  It might just change your view of Sudoku forever.



  • Isabella84

    Blimey – this is with no equivocation one of my favorite reviews ever written about one of our games 🙂

    Please send a big “Squeeeeeeee!” to your wife 😉

    Many Thanks,
    Finger Arts Team