Football In The Groin Painfully Delivers 25 Reasons To Protect Your Genitals

Football In The Groin joins the ranks of the hysterically epic and former  #1 iPhone game, Ow My Balls, in celebrating the most painful experience known to mankind … being hit in the genitals. 


But unlike Ow My Balls, the nutshots of Football In The Groin are not packaged into a cool game or some other clever delivery method. Nope – cut the foreplay and just give us the excruciating good stuff … ball meets groin … over and over and over again. 25 of the most painful and hilarious  videos to be exact … all packaged neatly into Football In The Groin for your viewing convenience.

football-groin-iphone-2  football-groin-iphone-3

These crotch clutching videos range from soccer to football, hockey to baseball … with appropriate titles such as “This Kid Will Never Have Children”, ”Beckham Versus The Scrotum” and “Baseball Hits Nuts.”

football-groin-iphone-4  football-groin-iphone-5

Football In The Groin made us laugh, wince and throw up a little in our mouth. It’s the kind of app that’s so wrong, it just works on so many levels here at KRAPPS … ouch!