Fart Studio Makes A Stink With Its Hysterical iPad Spoof Commercial [Video]

Nowadays we rarely write about fart apps … there are 27 bajillion of them, most suck and frankly, fart apps are so 2008 … <yawn> why bother?   

But once in a blue moon, a fart app breaks wind that piques our interest and is deemed KRAPPStastic … like the recently released Fart Studio app [iTunes $0.99].



Fart Studio is a universal app which takes farting to a whole new level. It’s been called “the Cadillac of fart apps” and credited to having raised farting to an art form. With features like  stealth farts, remote farts, visual effects and more … Fart Studio is positioned to be the leader in Methane iBombs.



But rather than bore you with a detailed Fart Studio write-up, we encourage you to check out the hysterical Apple iPad spoof commercial created by Fart Studio developers Conniption Entertainment. We’re not really sure what’s more impressive … the cutting edge technology behind Fart Studio … or the fact that Conniption could come up with 4 minutes and 36 seconds of ridonkulous material.