Same Day Apple Says ‘No More Fart Apps’ They Approve One Anyways

Well that didn’t take long …

Yesterday in our More App Store Porn Discovered article, we mentioned that Apple released a set of guidelines to its developers. The big news (well, in our humble opinion) was that Apple is sick of fart apps … and would not longer approve them for sale. On the first page of their official App Store Review Guidelines document, Apple bluntly states … “We have over 250,000 apps in the App Store. We don’t need any more fart apps.”


OUCH … poor fart developers … we feel you! Or do we? Meh, this is Apple we’re talking about and as we once described them … a Comedy Of Errors.

So here’s a brief timeline …

The morning of Thursday, September 9 … Apple releases their official guidelines, boldly claiming NO MORE FART APPS! Twelve hours later … Apple approves and publishes a fart app – Simon Says Pull My Finger.



LMAO … and the comedy continues. The whole point of Apple’s document is to make the app review and approval process less arbitrary. However, when Apple says “no more fart apps” … what they REALLY mean is “no more fart apps unless it’s part of a game” or perhaps “no more fart soundboard apps” … yeah, is that what they mean? Hell, who knows with these guys.


  • Best use of farting I've seen in an app is still Ow My Balls! where you use it for extra propulsion.

    Interestingly, for the app you mention today, their icon appears to indicate that farts originate in the elbow area.

  • Farting Elbows = Special Gift From God 🙂

  • fart monopoly anyone?.. you have to let it rip every time you pass go otherwise it's $200