Meet The Ass Family – plus Recap Week Of September 6

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

September 6 – Creep Alert … Snuggie + Macarena = Snugarena [Video]

September 7 – Animal Sex App – Because Darn It, The App Store Was Really Lacking In Animal Porn!

September 8 – Football In The Groin Painfully Delivers 25 Reasons To Protect Your Genitals

September 9 – Fart Studio Makes A Stink With Its Hysterical iPad Spoof Commercial [Video]

September 10 – Porn Abundant In “I Show Off” App – Apple Fails To Enforce Their New Guidelines [NSFW]

September 11 – Same Day Apple Says ‘No More Fart Apps’ They Approve One Anyways


The Ass Family

LMAO … aren’t they lovely?



  • I guess Bad must have left home before the window decal was purchased.

  • yeah … Bad is too much of a bad ass to be pictured as part of the family