Even In Prison, Lil Wayne Rocks The iPhone With These Noteworthy Apps

Every couple of weeks, Apple publishes a list called “New and Noteworthy” … especially awesome iPhone applications that Apple recommends to the buying public. Having your app on this list is a developer’s dream come true as “New and Noteworthy” apps tend to skyrocket up the charts and achieve financial success.

“New and Noteworthy” … MEH! We’re here to tell you this list blows … case in point, Apple neglected to mention any of the epic Lil Wayne iPhone applications listed below. FAIL!

Be Like Lil’ Wayne


be-like-lil-wayne-2  be-like-lil-wayne-3

It’s true … the world would be a better place if everyone was like Lil Wayne! Currently in prison on weapons charges, couple with numerous arrests involving drugs and a variety of other misconducts … hard to imagine a better role model than this American rapper. 

Lil Wayne Fortune Teller



It’s Lil Wayne – complete with tats, bling and dreads – reading your fo’tune wit a Magik 8-Balz … what could be greater dan dis?

Free Weezy



The first of its kind … and iPhone app which counts down the jail term of a felon. As previously noted, Lil Wayne is currently in prison after being convicted of criminal possession of a weapon. He is scheduled to be released sometime in November. If you need to keep track of the exact time until this momentous occasion, download Free Weezy now – yo!