The Gods Must Be Lazy [Godville iPhone Game Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

I picked up Godville when it first came out back in July (it’s free — iTunes link — so there is absolutely no barrier to entry), set up my deity account, crafted my hero and then promptly forgot about it. Perhaps I should have stretched the whole process out over 6 or 7 days – maybe then I would have had an inclination to meddle more in the affairs of men.



So, fast-forward to about three weeks ago (yes, I am asking you to fast-forward into the past, McFly), when my brother-in-law asked me "Have you played Godville?" After my quick retort of "Has anybody *really* played Godville?" I pulled up the app and lo and behold, my hero had been slaving like a Working Class Dog. So, I tossed him an encouragement and a punishment, ’cause I don’t need him going all soft on me and then read through his diary. As far as I can piece together (hey, the app doesn’t bestow omniscience, it’s free — iTunes link — remember) my hero, Dread Pirate Roberts, has been wandering the countryside, handing out cans of throwback whoop-ass to over fifteen hundred monsters, grabbing fistfuls of loot and yes, even dying 4 times (so it is quite possible he is now a zombie).


Some of the diary entries are quite funny. The player community’s suggestions and ideas are incorporated into the game’s text, so you’re not likely to see the same thing over and over. My current stats show that my hero belongs to the Zombie Hunter guild. I don’t recall choosing this, but it seems appropriate given my appreciation for all things zombie. At some point, my guild was Sweet Dreams, I can guarantee I didn’t choose that one.


The update that was just released last week adds several new features, including making the app Universal. I just loaded it onto my iPad and it puts the extra screen space to good use, combining several screens from the iPhone version into one. Another new feature just added is the GodWiki where you can get extra information related to the game.

The app is also available in Russian where it is called: Годвилль – I was hoping this was the Russian word for FartApp, but alas it is simply Godville. [iTunes Free]


  • WTF? i see jeebus fading on this app!