Intense. Violent. Extreme. – Cage Fighting Marshmallow Peeps Brawl In New App

Three words – Cage. Fighting. Chicks.

No, not those kind of chicks … Apple banned overtly sexual apps. We’re talking the marshmallow kind, better known as … peeps. So piss off MMA, UFC and all you other cage fighting acronyms … there’s a new game in town that’ll kick your pansy ass! FCU has arrived … Fighting Chicks Unlimited [iTunes $0.99].


Rarely do we come across an application that has the drama, suspense and excitement as Fighting Chicks Unlimited. The action is intense, the violence borders disturbing … FCU is pure, raw and epic awesomeness.


FCU is a universal application (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad friendly = more bang for your buck) in which marshmallow peeps fight for your entertainment in a caged arena. Prior to the match, the player reviews each peeps’ “tale of the tape” … analyzing height, reach, odds and other applicable fighting factors (geeks should love this kind of statistical analysis). Once this data is considered, the player picks a peep to win and enters the amount of their wager (gambling is legal in FCU).



Once bets have been placed, it’s SHOWTIME! Round and round these crazed steroid-taking marshmallows go (roids are legal in FCU) … battling each other until one explodes or tips over. Last peep intact or standing is declared the winner. Bet right, you win … bet wrong, you suck and your bankroll takes a beat down.    



What we love about Fighting Chicks Unlimited is that there are no other apps like it (original / unique point +1) … and at 99 cents, FCU is a knock out bargain. But words really can’t describe something so insane and legendary as Fighting Chicks Unlimited. Tthat’s why there’s a game action video about half and inch below. Push play … be amazed … then buy the one-of-a-kind app and feel the adrenaline rush. PEEPS!



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