Free Full Version ‘Word Driven’ iPhone Game Using Our Secret Code ($2 Value)

In case you didn’t receive the memo … exercising your brain is good thing. Similar to the rest of your body, it is a case of “use it or lose it” with your brain’s muscle. So to help you avoid becoming the next Lindsay Lohan <dumb – dumb – dumb>, we present the P90X of iPhone apps … Word Driven [iTunes FREE].


Word Driven is a simple yet challenging word puzzle game, unique to the App Store. You are presented with 3 letters with the objective of creating a word using those 3 letters … in the same order. For example, given the letters “SPR” … you could create SPIDER. Letters “SYS” can result in SYSTEMATIC.

word-driven-iphone-2  word-driven-iphone-3

The longer the word, the more points you get … ENTERTAINMENT scores higher than BENT when using the 3 letters “ENT”. Get it? See, it’s easy … but can get totally challenging as Word Driven has four difficulty levels. At the hardest difficulty setting, Word Driven is one of the most challenging word games – ever.

word-driven-iphone-4  word-driven-iphone-5

Controls, game music, graphics and user interface are all top-notch and extremely polished. Word Driven is so kick ass, it was featured by Apple as a “New and Noteworthy” application. We love the fact that Word Driven is OpenFeint Enabled … satisfying our competitive juices as we compare our scores to folks worldwide. And to make Word Driven even more entertaining, you can play either the Race Mode (get as many points as you can before time runs out) or Road Trip (play at leisure, additional penalties applied). Oh … and did we mention all this Word Driven epicness is FREE?


FREE is nice, but will only take you so far. Via a $1.99 in-app purchase, players can unlock additional game levels and difficulty settings. But before you frown at a measly 199 cents, Word Driven contains SwappIt code technology … meaning when you make the in-app purchase, you’ll receive a code … give that SwappIt code to a friend and they will be able to receive the $1.99 worth of upgrades for FREE. It’s sort of like a “buy one, get one free” special … and good for karma. No other developers use such revolutionary technology … they should … because it’s uniquely super cool!

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*** Free Full Version Of Word Driven To All KRAPPS Viewers ($1.99 value) *** 
Big shouts to the folks at Headlight Software who were kind enough to create a secret uber SwappIt code exclusively for our viewers … allowing you to download all game levels and difficulty setting for free. Simply CLICK HERE to download the free Word Driven app. Within the SwappIt screen, enter the secret uber code … KRAPPS.COM … press “Done” and voila … the full version of Word Driven has been unlocked and ready for your P90X brain workout. Enjoy!


  • Great game! Similar in game mechanics to a card game I play with the kids called PDQ, so I'll have to show them this app later. Looks fantastic on the iPad!

  • Thanks, KRAPPS! What a cool game

  • Headlight

    (From Headlight) Another secret: that KRAPPS.COM code works in several of our other free games too.

  • right on … we do like to feature solid games every once and a while …

    man cannot live on krap alone 😉


  • agreed! what an amazing difference the extra real estate on the iPad makes

    … it's like turbo-charged P90X!!

  • ahhhh … more loving from the dev … SHWEEEEET!!

  • Thanks this game is now in my iPhone collection.

  • cool, glad u like … has a permanent home on our iPhone as well … great stuff!

  • rb

    This is my first time seeing swappit tech. Do we enter the swappit screen by clicking on one of the locked modes and then click buy IAP?

  • Accessing SwappIt codes vary by each app. In Word Drive, press the “i” info

    button located on the bottom right of the main screen. From there, you

    should be able to locate the SwappIt code field for entry.

  • rb

    Aye. That is the problem. I can't find any place to enter the code and believe me, I have tried pressing and clicking everything. I am using v1.1.1 of the app. Either an update changes it or I am totally gonna get my eyesight checked.

  • beyondthetech

    I think version 1.1.1 removed the SwappIt feature. Oh well, good game, though. I'll pay.